Food Fraud Database Version 2.0 (FFD v2.0)

USP’s Food Fraud Database version 2.0 is a continuously updated collection of thousands of ingredients and related records gathered from scientific literature, media publications, regulatory reports, judicial records, and trade associations from around the world. FFD v2.0 is available through an annual subscription.

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New Features:

  • Enhanced utility with four record types including incident and inference reports, surveillance records, analytical methods that can be accessed specifically for your ingredients of interest
  • Identify trends and vulnerabilities through a customizable dashboard, powerful search capabilities, and automated analytics
  • Weekly email alerts on new records
  • EMA Hazard Identification Report generator supports compliance with FSMA requirements

Note: USP’s current Food Fraud Database will not be available after September 12th 2016. Access FFD v1.0

The Food Fraud Database is supported using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 and Google Chrome

Food Fraud Mitigation Guidance Training and Advising Services: A Practical Approach to Meeting FSMA and GFSI Requirements

The Guidance, when used in conjunction with a prescreening tool such as the Food Fraud Database, provides a comprehensive and practical framework to address EMA/food fraud that includes Vulnerability Assessments, Impact Assessments and a Control Plan.

Training and Advising Services:

  • Protect your brand and reduce risk
  • Support regulatory compliance compatible with FSMA PC rule and GFSI food safety schemes
  • On-site or remote customized services tailored to your company’s ingredient supply chain
  • USP personnel are:
    • Trained in HACCP, HARPC, FSMA and GFSI requirements
    • Possess the expertise for the practical application of food fraud mitigation strategies to help your organization meet industry needs as well as national and international regulatory requirements

Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) and Reference Materials

Since 1966, the FCC and associated reference materials enable manufacturers and suppliers to verify the identity, quality, and purity of the food ingredients they buy and sell, thereby helping to ensure the overall safety and integrity of the food ingredient supply chain. There are standards, methods, and information for a wide variety of ingredients, including probiotics, prebiotics, sweeteners, colorants, flavors, fats and oils, infant formula ingredients, processing aids, preservatives, nutrients, and more.

The FCC Tenth Edition features:

  • More than 45 additional monographs, including 8 probiotic monographsand requirements
  • 9 new general tests and assays
  • 17 appendices, including microbial food cultures
  • Includes pomegranate juice identify standard and skim milk powder reference materials
  • PLUS: 2 International Food Additive Council QA documents on food additives and GRAS substances, and USP’s new Food Fraud Mitigation Guidance